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25 Starr Street

This home was built by John A. Grenzig Sr. in 1873. John was a mason who came to the USA from Berlin Germany in 1870 with his family of five. We do not know how he got the money to build this house since it is a fairly large three (original 2) story building, or if he had any help constructing it. His cousin Frederick (came to us in 1866) , also lived in the area and they had also lived together with John and his family on Broadway St. around 1870. See the 1870 US Census records.

August J. Grenzig who is Johns grandson displayed the following pictures in his photo album. He indicated that the main floor was used for his fathers milk business as a washing and bottling room. His father was John August Grenzig Jr. born 1863 in Germany. So John Jr was about 10 years old when his father built the building. August says that Helen, William and himself were all born in this building. The US census records also show that in 1900 4 families were living in this building.

In 1965 a public school (Enrico Fermi Jr High School) was built in this location so the 25 Starr St. building must have been torn down.


Families Living at 25 Starr St. in 1900  (US Census records)

John Jr., Wife Mary, Helen, William August
John Sr., wife Sophie
William Klien, wife Helena (John Jr's sister), Florence daughter
4th Family is unknown and most probably a renter.

Families Living at 25 Starr Str. in 1910  (US Census records)

Sophie Grenzig, Oli, Adi  3 people (John died 1908)
William Klein 3 people
Noll  3 people
Fruchs  4 people

We believe that the building was sold between 1911 - 1920 since Sophie is living with William Klein on 88th Rd. in 1920.


25 Starr St.

Front view. This is an old picture with wood construction. Looks like 2 stories may have been original building.

25 Starr St.

rear view

25 Starr St.

front view. Picture now showes 3 stories and brick. Year of cars may help determine year of photo.

25 Starr St

Photo taken by NYC for tax purposes in 1939

25 Starr St.

Picture from August J Grenzig photo album.