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Grenzig Family Tree

As of 7/2009: To get a copy of the Grenzig Family tree just email ed@grenzig.com or call 516-781-4138



FTM Program: The Grenzig Family Tree is kept in a program called " Family Tree Maker" (FTM) by BroderBund LLC software company. The file this program produces has a .FTM extension and can only be used by this FTM program. The program is easy to use and can be purchased at www.broderbund.com or at many software distributors. Click Here. It is very popular and widely used by many people. Try this link also  www.broderbund.com/SubCategory.asp?CID=508

The program allows you to generate many reports both in chart form or text form. The graphical family tree being one of the most popular graphic reports. 

Since the Grenzig Family Tree has over 300 people in it, a program like FTM is necessary to work with the large tree. Other genealogy programs can also be used since the FTM program can generate a GEDCOM file which is a widely used common genealogy file type. Most genealogy programs can import and export a GEDCOM file.


Grenzig Tree Files  (updated 4/17/09)  (email ed@grenzig.com for files)

FTM file, you will need the program FTM to use this file. see above links
GrenzigTree.ftm    2043 Kbytes

GEDCOM file, you will need a genealogy program which can import a GEDCOM file.
GrenzigTree.ged   155 Kbytes

Get Acrobat ReaderPDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a formatted report of the Grenzig Tree.
GrenzigTree.pdf  36 Kbytes, booklet style
GrenzigTree1.pdf  34 Kbytes, cut and paste 22 pages


**** MyFamily.com is temporarily suspended as of Sep 2006 ****

Browse on Line: You can also go to www.myfamily.com website where the Grenzig Family Tree file can be browsed on line. You will need a user name and password to access this web site. See below.

Go to Biographies to see a partial Grenzig tree here on this website.



Grenzig Website

MyFamily.com  is a web site that has various information on the Grenzig family's including

bulletFamily Tree
bulletFiles to download

MyFamily.com   (suspended as of 9/2006)

A User Name and Pass word is required to view this site. Contact Ed Grenzig by email at ed@grenzig.com and I will have an invitation with a user name and pass word sent to you. Let me have your name, birth date, and email for your registration. You can then log in and use all the features this site has to offer. The MyFamily.com site is meant to supplement this web site with other features not easily programmed into this site.