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Helen, John Jr., Sophie and John Sr.

Arrived in US June 1870, from Berlin, Germany

John A. Grenzig Jr.

Renowned Mineralologist. Started collecting at 10 years old.

John A Grenzig Jr.

John A. Grenzig, Jr.

Milk business with 6 wagons was one of Johns many businesses.

John A. Grenzig, Jr.

William his son

Children of JAG Jr.

William, August, Helen

Children of JAG Jr.

William, August, Helen

August J., Helen, William H.

Children of John A. Grenzig Jr.

August J. Grenzig B:1894

Known as Gus to his friends. Schooled and worked as an Electrical Contractor.

August J Grenzig B:1894

Gus as a teenager

August J Grenzig B:1894 and Friends

Gus far right, Mary (wife) 3rd from right

Albert W. Grenzig

Son of August J. Grenzig

August and Al Grenzig

Father and Son

Emmy and Al Grenzig

50th Wedding Anniversary Jan 24th, 1998

John and Mary July 1942

with GrandKids Marge Weber and Ronald Grenzig and GreatgrandKids Marrianne and Jacqueline Weber

Ruth L. Roff

Grace Pharo B:abt 1902 D: 1951

Sister of Mary Enolia Grenzig (Pharo)


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Ronald Grenzig 1945

AJG b:1894

in a school class room, looks like wood shop

AJG b:1894

in a school class room

Gail and Ed Grenzig

New Years

Ed and Chris Grenzig

Woodward Skate Board Park, PA 8/2004

Ed Grenzig

Disney 7/2004