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                              indicates living males to carry on Grenzig name.

bulletJohn August Grenzig Sr.  (Sophie Caroline Zander)
bulletJohn August Grenzig Jr.  (Mary A. Rehberger)
bulletHelen Sophia Grenzig  (Harold Mayorga)
bulletDonald Mayorga
bulletWilliam Henry Grenzig  (Margaret Bridgeman)
bulletMargaret Mary Grenzig (Hans Egbert Weber)
bullet Marrianne Rosa Weber (Richard Frederick) 
bulletRichard W Frederick 
bulletMicheal Frederick (Susan Zurita) 
bulletPeter J Frederick (Margaret Lyna) 
bulletRichard William Frederick 
bulletJennifer Frederick 
bulletMary Frederick 
bulletJacqueline Evelyn Weber (Robert Sweginnis) 
bulletDonna Sweginnis  (Berard ( Bernie )Oliver) 
bulletNicole Jacequeline Oliver 
bulletAlexis Marie Oliver 
bulletHope Angel Oliver 
bulletTaylor Kathryn Oliver 
bulletVictoria Elizabeth Oliver 
bulletTeri Sweginnis 
bulletRobert Sweginnis 
bulletAndrew Lawance Weber  (Ada)
bulletJennnifer Weber 
bulletPeter Alexander Weber  (Gloria Rios) 
bulletMark Weber  (Eileen Irizarry) 
bulletTristan Peter Weber 
bulletLisa Weber 
bulletJames William Weber  (Lara Fairbanks) 
*Partner of James William Weber:  (Anna) 
           Alexis Weber 
*2nd Wife of James William Weber:  (Joan Vande Luth) 
            Emily Weber 
bulletElizabeth Josephine Weber  (Joseph Anthony Augeri) 
bulletChristina Janet Augeri 
bulletCasandra Kylee Augeri 
bulletValarie Marie Augeri 
bulletMario Robert Augeri 
bulletAndrea Louise Augeri 
bulletWilliam Henry Jr. Grenzig (Dorothy DeBrodt)
bulletno children
bulletRobert Edward Grenzig (Kathleen B. Neary)
bulletLuann Grenzig  (Joseph Dilernia) 
bulletKevin Grenzig   (Jane Seidman) 
bulletLauren Grenzig 
bulletErica Grenzig 
bulletTeresa Grenzig  (Bradley Hanson) 
bulletRonald Richard Grenzig  (Grace Marie LaJune) 
bulletMichele Catherine Grenzig  (Robert Nicklas Zatezalo) 
bulletStacey Lynn Zatezalo 
bulletWilliam Nicholas Grenzig  (Ilona Marie Fern)
bulletNicholas Ronald Grenzig  (Heather Leigh Hughes) 
bulletSophia Whiting Grenzig 
bulletIan Douglas Grenzig 
bulletKarsten August Grenzig
bulletHenry James Grenzig
bulletLinda Marie Grenzig  (Nicklas Ranalli, Jr.)
bulletNathaniel Alexander Ranalli 
bulletLauren Grace Ranalli 
bulletCheri Grace Grenzig  (Matthew Noto)
bulletRonald Richard Noto 
bullet*2nd Wife of William Henry Grenzig: . (Margaret M. Weber)
bulletno children
bulletAugust John Grenzig (aka Gus)  (Mary Enolia Pharo)

bulletRuth Lucille Grenzig (Roger Roff)
bulletClifford Louis Roff ( +Deanna Jeanne Howard )
bulletKaren Jennifer Roff (+Matt Gary )
bulletChandler B. Gary
bulletWendy Jean Roff
bulletAlan Roger Roff (Susan Lagerquist )
bulletKyle Alan Roff
bulletHolly Lynn Roff
bulletRyan Roff
bulletSteven John Roff (Patrice Caputo)
bulletTamarah Jean Roff
bulletJason Thomas Roff (Kimberly)
bullet On the way Roff
bulletAlbert Warren Grenzig  (Emmy Ewald)
bulletSusan Martha Grenzig (George Glasburgh)
bulletMichelle Glasburgh
bulletRobbie Edward Glasburgh
bulletJamie Arthur Glasburgh
bulletEdward Warren Grenzig    (Gail Tkatch)
bulletChristopher Edward Grenzig
bulletBrittany Marie Grenzig
bulletLinda Marie Grenzig  (Donald Jarvis)
bulletCasey Jarvis
bulletSamantha Jarvis

bulletHelena Sophie Grenzig  (William Klein)
bulletFlorence Klein  (never married)
bulletPearl Klein  (Charles Kempf)
bulletDavid Kempf
bulletRobert Grenzig (died at 1yr) buried at Evergreen Cemetery