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About this Website


This website was put together by myself Ed Grenzig around 2003 based on some information that I found in my father’s (Albert) files after his death in May of 1999. When I was reading his genealogy file, I found a letter from my Grandfather, August J Grenzig, explaining  our family relationships and a hand written family tree, starting with my Great Great Grand father John A Grenzig Sr, who immigrated from Berlin to the United States in June of 1870 with his family of 5. Husband, Wife and Wow, 3 children, 6yrs, 2 yrs, and a 6 month old on a ship for weeks! Incredible!
My interest was sparked and I started my genealogy research!

How it Developed

I started to become very interested in my ancestors and purchased the computer program Family Tree Maker, and started entering the names from my grandfather’s letter and family tree. As I got deeper into it, I wanted to find out more and more information, so I purchased a subscription to and started looking deeply into the past US census records. I amazingly found the records of the Grenzig’s living in Brooklyn in 1870, and My GG Grand Father’s cousin who immigrated in 1866. Little by little I uncovered more records through following the US census, as well as going to the local libraries and looking up past micro fish records. Very interesting and the tree just kept growing!


Through this research I also found and talked with many of my relatives who I never knew existed, and are now friends with some on Facebook. I actually was able to find a fifth cousin who lives out in the Hamptons, NY (Eastern LI). So don’t hesitate to browse the family tree and reach out to your relatives. My experience has always been very positive and rewarding.

Future Expansion

I would like to keep expanding this Family tree website, following the Grenzig line*. So don’t hesitate to reach out to me with more information that you may have? Especially with stories, photos, articles, and biographies on deceased individuals.

I have also followed some of my other ancestors and do have other family trees, but I am trying to restrict this website to just the Grenzig Line descendants*. But if you think someone else should be included, please just let me know?

*Descendants Grenzig Line: all Male and Female blood line descendants, starting from John A Grenzig Sr and his Cousin Frederick Grenzig.

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  1. Hi Sir,

    I would like to apply to become a Grenzig. Where is the application to sign up? I heard you have a son named Chris, I guess he could be acceptable. 🙂

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