New Grenzig Website

New Format

This New Format to the Grenzig Website (enter site) is under construction.

This new “Responsive” format will change based on the device used to view the website, such as Smart phones, Tablets and Desktop computers. So try your Smart Phone!! and other devices..


Any constructive comments will be helpful, that will improve the user experience and make it easier to follow and navigate!

You can put your comments on any page that allows comments.

This website is both a Blog and Static Page Website. Blogs are just dated articles and/or stories about people, life, situations, etc.. Dated material. If you want to add your own articles, just let me know.

Thanks: Ed Grenzig

Enter Site

P.S. I am also looking for relatives to write stories and articles on other Grenzig’s to be included on this website. These can also be the Biographies of deceased Grenzig’s.