John A. Grenzig Jr. & Mary A. Grenzig Silver Wedding Anniversary April 13, 1914

The Grenzig Surprise, 25th Wedding Anniversary, 1914

The 25th party took place on 4/15/1914 at the home of Mr. And Mrs. Klein.

A letter was written about the 25th wedding anniversary (author unknown) of John August Grenzig Jr. and Mary Anna Catherine Rehberger married 4/13/1889.

A poem was composed and recited by Miss Helen Grenzig their daughter. It is in the letter image file page 1. This letter also contains a list of the people attending the party.

This is the original typed letter but not dated or signed. From the looks of the paper condition it could very well be from right after the party.

Actual Letter Images:
Letter Page 1, Letter page 2,  Same letter in Newspaper article.

The letter has been re-typed by Sue Augeri on 3/1/01 and presented below.

— start of letter—

The Grenzig Surprise On Wednesday evening April 15, Mr & Mrs. J.A. Grenzig, of Boyd Avenue, Union Course. started out to brave the elements by going to the home of Mr. & Mrs. Klein, at 81, 4th street for their weekly pinochle game. The players were delighted over a good deal of cards when the doorbell rang. Mrs. Klein answered same; holding an imaginary conversation at the door while thirty-seven young folks filed into the parlor behind closed dining room doors. All were ready to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Grenzig. Just as the bride was ready to trump four aces the doors rolled back and thirty-seven lusty voices shouted, “surprise”. The bride and groom were over come. Miss Olga Mathews in behalf of the Luther League of Christ Lutheran Church of Woodhaven, presented the happy couple with a beautiful cut glass bowl. The Miss’s L Bridgeman, F. Rogers and Mrs. Walsh presented a large Bouquet of white flowers. The groom’s mother and sister’s family presented fifty American Beauty carnations. Many beautiful gifts, statues, hand painted china, plants, etc. arrived on MondayMr. E. Schalk the renowned pianist, Lew Wilcox and Larry Delaney, the famous singers and Joe Spaulding, the well know humorist and coach of the Broadway Dramatic Society made a very entertaining Quartet. Messrs. P Valentine, J. Piercy, and F. Mieners played the latest tunes for singing and dancing. Miss F. Roger favored with songs and music. Miss Helen Grenzig recited “The sale of Old Bachelors” A supper was served at 11:30 P.M. The following toast was composed and recited by Miss Helen Grenzig


Turn the pages of life’s book back, To a day some years ago,
Twenty-five to be exact to the day we long to know.

A man and maid vowed that day to cherish one another.
To travel along life’s thorny way trusting each the other.

A quarter of a century from that day unto this one.
No longer young but loving still and children loving with them.

To night you friends have gather here to wish them joyful measure.
May you enjoy their company dear and may they give you pleasure.

Father and mother, the boys and I Do tell it here to you.
We love you more than tongue can tell our parent’s dear and true

We’ve caused you pain and sorrow through ignorance and truth
But we love you every day and hour and that’s the solid truth.

The toast was drunk and many cheers; the favors were buttonholed bouquets of silver flowers and leaves.

Those present to partake in the festivities were.

Mrs. S Grenzig, Mr. Mrs. Wm. Klein, Florence and Pearl Klein, Mr. And Mrs. Neering, Jenny and Charles Neering, Wm. Grenzig, Margaret Bridgeman, August Grenzig, Enolis Pharo. Helen Grenzig, Edward Schalk, Lew Wilcox, Larry Delany, Joe Spaulding, Phil Valentine, J. Piercy, Howard Juster, Chris Mieners, Fred Mieners, Mr. Walsh, Florence Roger, Louise Bridgeman, the Luther League Members, Misses, Alma Mathews, Ada Mathews, Olga Mathews, Anna Betz, Emma Koller. Catherine Moeller, Carry Sessler, Messrs. Holand Hautsch, Conroad Mulz, James Ehrman, Charles Thumb. At 2 A.M. the young folks started their muddy journey home.

Author of poem, Miss Helen Grenzig their daughter.
Author of letter Unknown

–end of letter—