The Grenzig Family Tree

The Grenzig Family Tree has been placed on a website at

This site allows a beautiful graphical representation of the tree which is very easy to navigate and make corrections to (if your assigned privileges allow).


To get started, you can ask me (Ed) by email for an invitation to view the tree. The invitation is required and sent by after I enter you in the guest list. Please include how you are related to the Grenzig’s, and I will respond accordingly. You will get an email back with an invitation and a url link.

You cannot just go to, register and then search for the Grenzig Family Tree.  Only paid subscribers can search for public trees. You will need the invitation email from me (Ed Grenzig) via, if you don’t want to pay for a subscription! You must still register with, but you won’t have to pay.

Notes: Any living individuals in the tree are protected by being blanked out. This can be overridden if I give you the appropriate privileges.

Tips to Navigate when in the Tree.

In the family view, one person will be highlighted. The tree extends up and down from this person. You can drag around some of the tree from here. Hover over any other person to get more detail and click “view his family tree” (at the bottom of the open window)  to view some of the tree from this new person.

You can also search for a person by using the “find a person in this tree” search bar right below the navigation bar near the top of the screen.

Experiment around the tree. It really is a great presentation once you get the hang of it.
There is also plenty of tips and help right on the screen itself.

Sample Screen Shots of the Family Tree
click on image to enlarge.

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