Sophie Carolina Zander

Sophie Carolina Zander B:Aug 25, 1835 – D:Sep 14, 1922

Wife of John August Grenzig Sr.


Sitting: Sophia & John Sr., Standing: Helen & John Jr.

Sophie was born in Brittine Lichdenburg, Germany. Her mother, Johanna Dorden (maiden name) was born in Rohn Germany in 1801. Sophie had at least one brother Robert Zander Sr. (B: abt 1851), and most likely other siblings that we don’t know of. Robert (her brother) had 6 children according to John Jr’s note book, page 22:  Robert Jr. ( ), August (18), Elfriendin (14), Herman (12), Paul (8), and Elizabeth (17), ages as of 1902.

Sophie met August in Berlin around1860, and on June 15, 1862 they were married. Of this union there were three children born, John August Jr. (June 30, 1863), Helena Sophie (Aug 1, 1867), and Robert (Feb 18, 1870). Unfortunately Robert died in 1877, at only 7 years old. This picture was taken around 1880 and is therefore missing Robert.

In 1888 John August Sr. retired and opened a candy store on 25 Star Street (the house he built). He and Sophie ran the store until he died on August 8, 1908. The building was sold and Sophie moved in with William Klien (her son-in-law) in Old Union, Course, Long Island, now Woodhaven. Sophie lived there until 1922 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Mt. Grace, Lot 405, Grave 3

Sophie’s Timeline
  • Born: Aug 25, 1835, Germany
  • Met John A. Grenzig 1860 in Berlin Germany
  • Married June 15th, 1862
  • Three Children: John August Jr. (June 30, 1863), Helena Sophie (Aug 1, 1867), and Robert (Feb 18, 1870).
  • Immigrated to Brooklyn, NY, June 1870, on Ship Westphalia with her husband John and their 3 children. Sophie is 35, John is 37.
  • First Lived in Brooklyn, NY with Johns cousins family of 4 and her family of 5.
  • John and Sophie both contracted Small Pox around 1872.
    See John Jr’s. letter of 1942.
  • John built a 2 story, 2 family home at 25 Starr St., Brooklyn, NY.
    Sophie’s family of 5 moved in about 1873.
  • Robert died at age 7, July 15th, 1877. Reason unknown?
    He is missing from the picture which must have been taken after 1877.
  • Helped run the candy store on 25 Starr St, around 1888, which is the home that John A. Sr. built for the family to live in.
  • Husband John dies August 8th, 1908
  • Sold 25 Starr St., and Sophie moves in with William Klien (daughters Husband)  in Old Union, Course, Long Island, now Woodhaven, NY.
  • Sophie dies Sep 14, 1922, age 87
  • Buried Evergreen Cemetery Brooklyn, NY