August J. Grenzig

August John Grenzig
aka Gus
Born: October 8, 1894
Died: Sep 17th, 1979 at age 84
  • Baptized: Feb 3, 1895
  • Grew up at 25 Starr St., Brooklyn, NY
    This house was built by his grandfather in 1873
  • One brother William, One sister Helen, Picture
  • Worked for Patten & Brown Electrical Contractors 1910
  • Worked for J. A. Grenzig & Son Electrical Contractors 1915 – 1967
    JA is his dad and he is the Son.
  • Evening Elementary School 1915
  • Brooklyn Evening Technical and Trade School 1916-1918
  • Married Mary Enolia Pharo: April 15th, 1917
  • 3 Children: Ruth Lucille Aug 10, 1918; August John Jr. June 10, 1921; Albert Warren Sep 9th, 1925
  • Silver Wedding Anniversary, April 15, 1942
  • Boy Scout Committee Man 1959, 1963
  • Very Active in Church
  • Golden Wedding Anniversary, April 15, 1965
  • Retired March 31, 1967
  • Vacations at Barryville, NY
  • Likes to cook, clean house, play with grandchildren
  • Always fixing things, good with his hands.
  • Spent a lot of time caring for his wife Mary Enolia in her later sickly years
  • Worked on Genealogy notes, left a lot of good information. Letter of 1970
  • Died Sep 17th, 1979, Ridgewood, Queens, NY
  • Buried in Evergreen Cemetery

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One comment

  1. I remember Grandpa (Gus) as a very friendly, warm hearted, caring and loving man. He was always doing things for me as I grew up (1950’s and 60’s; 7yrs old in 60). Always a happy and warm welcome. He was always playing with me during his regular Sunday visits to our house in Wantagh. He would drive out with Grandma and stay the day, every second Sunday. He pushed me around the block in a home built wooden go-cart that he built with me. He also constantly tried to teach me many different things. Especially electrical skills. He would always tell me stories of the old times. Especially about his father and mineral collecting.

    Both he and Grandma would spend Christmas eve day and sleep over to Christmas day. They were part of our family tradition on Christmas morning. Boy it was tough having to wait for Grandma to get ready Christmas morning before we were allowed to enter the living room to see all the presents that Santa left us. Grandma was soooo slow!! We would line up in age order, before walking from the hall into the living room where the Christmas tree was with all the presents left by Santa. Just some nice memories.

    I really miss Grandpa and wish I could talk about things with him now. Get to know more about him. Just a wonderful Grandfather indeed….

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