John A. Grenzig Jr.

Born June 30th 1863, Germany
Died April 8th, 1944 at age 80

John Jr. came with his family to the USA from Berlin Germany in 1870 on the ship Westphalia. He was 7 yeas old at that time. He was accompanied by his Father, Mother, Sister and Brother, 5 in all. They settled in Brooklyn, NY and lived with his fathers cousin (Friedrich August Grenzig) for the first few years.

JAG Jr.Timeline
  • Christened on Aug 9, 1863 Sankt Jakobi Church, Berlin Germany
  • 1870 came to USA with his Father, Mother, Sister and Brother by ship: Westphalia,
  • Settled and grew up in Brooklyn, NY
  • Lived with Uncle (Friedrich August Grenzig) and Aunt Grenzig when his parents came down with Small Pox. Uncle was his fathers cousin. Uncle immigrated to the US in 1866.
  • 1873 moved into a 3 story, four family home built by his Father at 25 Starr St. Brooklyn, NY, his Father was a Mason.
  • At age 10 started to collect stones (minerals). He became a renowned mineralogist over the years and owned a very extensive mineral collection. The collection was sold after his death.
    R&M Obituary1, R&M Obituary2
  • At age 14 (abt 1877) left school and worked for
    George Monroe Publishing Co. , New York City
  • July 24th, 1888 Engaged to Mary A. Rehberger
  • April 13th, 1889 Married Mary, see Marriage Certificate

    Johns Children

    William, August, and Helen Grenzig,
    Three Children of John A Grenzig Jr,
    and Mary Grenzig, abt 1900

  • Had three Children: Helena Sophia 12/22/1890, William Henry 4/29/1892, August John 10/8/1894
  • Peddled Flowers
  • Started a Milk Delivery Business, grew to 6 wagons
  • Owned a Button Business with Joe Rehberger, Mary’s brother.
    Invented a new button stamping machine.
  • Opened a Grocery Store, on Myrtle Ave.
  • Moved to Jamaica Queens 1902
  • Owned another Grocery and Vegetable Store for 5 years, Bohack moved in, forced their close down.
  • Attended Cooper Union College, Graduated as an Assessor
  • Job as Electricians Helper, then a mechanic, at Stewart & Lewis Company
  • Started Electrical Business, J. A. Grenzig & Son 1909, active until 1944 at age 80, Business continued to be run by his son August (aka Gus) and grandson Albert.
  • Invented a Tilting Holder that is used with a microscope to view a mineral specimen
  • Silver Wedding Anniversary April 15th, 1914
  • Golden Wedding Anniversary April 13th, 1939
  • Passed away April 8, 1944 age 80
  • Buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Brooklyn NY, in a Family Plot
  • Death Certificate page1, , page2
  • Kept a small notebook on births, marriages, deaths, finances, etc…

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