John A. Grenzig Jr. Dreams that came true……

By Ed Grenzig on

Excerpt from the August J. Grenzig’s (Johns son) Letter of 1970

Dreams that came true….

Throughout his life, John August Grenzig Jr. had two experiences of dreams that came true. The first occurred when he was working with his father in the Printing Co. He got up one morning and at breakfast told his father, “Pop, I had a dream last night.” His father said, “You young ones are always dreaming. What was this one?” He replied, “Well, pa, I dreamt that the plant burned out and we could not get in the front of the building.” When we got there all of the floors had collapsed and all of the machines were at the bottom.” “Such foolishness”. They left for work and had to take a horse car, a ferry and then walk. While walking, a friend working in the same place met them and asked if they had heard about the big fire. When they got to the plant everything was as John had told his father.

The second one occurred some years later, while he was in the milk business and he loved minerals. He got up one morning and said to his wife, “I have a fever.” She said, “You had better go to bed and I will fix you something.” John replied, “No, it is not that kind. I had a dream. I dreamt I went to Patterson, N.J. to the Rock Quarry. I got permission to look around. As I walked and turned a corner, there was a bolder about 10” in diameter. I examined it. It looked interesting, but the hammer I had was too small to break it. I went to the foreman and asked if I could borrow a sledgehammer. He sent me to the blacksmith shed. The blacksmith said, ‘Behind the door you will find one.’ It was a cross pean sledge. I took it back to the bolder and hit it. It broke open and I had a beautiful Amethyst Geode.” His wife answered, “Well, John, if you think you might find something, why not take the day off and go and enjoy yourself.” He went and everything happened as he had told her. He bought home a beautiful mineral and had it until 1943 when he sold it with his collection.

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